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My mission is to provide high quality health care using a holistic approach focused on a patient’s individual wellbeing and health needs. As a fully qualified General Practitioner who also specialises in Prevention and Traditional Chinese Medicine, I provide medical knowledge, experience and care by integrating both Western and Eastern medicine, giving you the best of both worlds.


With 15 years of experience in medical practice, I firmly believe in the need to understand the root causes of disease rather than just managing the symptoms. By respecting the natural processes in our body, we foster our body’s innate healing response.


So whether you are seeking a general practitioner for medical advice, a comprehensive health check or an acupuncture treatment, you can expect highly skilled and dedicated medical care.


I warmly welcome you to my website.

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I am a General Practitioner with a specialization in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This broad training allows me to combine the analytical and biomedical approach of Western medicine with a deep understanding and experience of TCM in a well rounded, holistic system of diagnosis and treatment.


I went to medical school in both Berlin and Cologne, and obtained my medical degree in 2001. I have worked in hospitals in the USA, UK and Germany gaining a wide range of training and experience in internal medicine, oncology, pediatrics and surgery.


I was born in the USA, brought up mainly in Germany and I have dual citizenship. I am fluent in both German and English. After spending much of my adult life in America, Spain, Chile and the United Kingdom, I now live in Bonn with my British husband, three children and our dog.

Training and Qualifications
Allgemeinärztin, Ausbildung und Qualifikation


Medical Degree from the University of Cologne, 2001 

PhD from the department of Internal Medicine, University of Cologne. Clinical and immunological studies in the treatment of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), 2001 

Bachelor Degree in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine including training in Qi Gong and Tuina Massage from Westminster University, London, 2005 

Fully qualified General Practitioner, 2012 

Additional qualification Promotion of Health and Prevention, 2017

Clinical training in the treatment of patients with chronic pain (Praxis Dr. Küster, Bonn) and successful completion of the course Specialized Pain Therapy, 2010-2015

Particular interest and specialist training in diagnosing and treating patients with psychosomatic disorders

Ongoing training in the field of Bioidentical Hormones, Treatment with Micronutrients and Chinese Herbal Therapy

Functional Medicine, medical training from the Institute for medical Diagnostik,
Berlin 2020

Membership of Professional Associations


Member of the German Association of General Practitioners, DEGAM

Member of the German Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, DGTCM

Member of the German Medical Association for Acupuncture, DÄGfA

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