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Intergrative Medicine
Hausarzt, Allgemeinmedizin, Diagnostik und Therapie


Modern medicine with its technical achievements has much to offer and has benefits in many areas. In my practice, I use the technical diagnostic tests of conventional medicine as a basis for a solid and well-founded diagnosis. My medical mission, however, includes much more than the standards of general medicine. 


I believe that the key to successful treatment is the combination of conventional and complementary medicine. This so called ‘integrated approach’ often allows a deeper understanding of the individual’s unique needs and circumstances, and offers a wider range of therapeutic interventions. My decisions are informed by both evidence and experience to offer the best possible treatment.


Together we will discuss and agree on a personalized treatment plan, which will meet your specific health needs and help you regain and maintain optimum health. For patients who require specialist care, I work closely with a network of colleagues throughout the region and am happy to arrange an appointment for you.

Diagnostics and Treatments


I offer the following diagnostic tests.


Lung Function Test 


24-hour Blood Pressure Monitor

Ultrasound scan of the abdomen and thyroid

Holistic treatments:

All areas of general medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Bioidentical Hormones

Management of chronic pain

Micronutrients (vitamins and minerals)

Treatment with Microorganisms


Vitamin/Iron-Injection Therapy

Bioidentische Hormone, natürliche Hormone, Hormonhaushalt, Wechseljahrsbeschwerden, Hitzew


Bioidentical Hormones

The search for a more natural approach in hormone therapy has focused on bioidentical hormones. These are hormones whose molecular structure is identical to the hormones produced by our body. As such hormones do not exist in this form in nature, they are produced from plant extracts from yams or soya.


What are the advantages of bioidentical hormones? 

Unlike conventional hormones, bioidentical hormones can be detected and measured in the blood enabling us to monitor hormone levels closely. By gathering information on a patient’s symptoms and hormone levels, it is possible to adapt the treatment to the individual and natural needs of the body.

The treatment is usually tolerated very well as we are not administering a drug as such, but rather  substituting a hormone which our body does not produce in sufficient amounts.

A treatment with bioidentical hormones is particularly suitable for women and men with the following symptoms: 

hot flushes and sweats

sleeping disorders

difficulty concentrating

mood swings and depression

tiredness and exhaustion

changing body weight

loss of hair


restless legs, in particular at night 

high blood pressure, palpitations

loss of libido


Please contact me if you would like to find out more. I am very happy to advise on the right treatment for you.
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