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Preventive Medicine
Vorbeugende Medizin


“Protecting a healthy person from disease is a rewarding task for a doctor.” This philosophy by Laotse reflects how I see my role as a doctor. My goal is to raise awareness of how our lifestyle affects our health, enabling you to develop healthy behaviors and skills for effective self-care. A thorough review of a patient’s medical history, skillful diagnostics and personal care are the key aspects of preventive medicine.


Prevention plays an important part in Chinese Medicine. This medical system has developed diagnostic tools which enable us to detect deviations from ‘the norm’ at a very early stage. The gentle but effective therapeutic techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine allow an imbalance to be corrected before it becomes a more serious disease.


My Hormone Clinic aims to prevent hormonal imbalances and recognize hormonal deficiencies or excesses at an early stage. Our hormonal system has far-reaching effects on the way our body functions. Complaints relating to menstruation, menopause (women and men) and thyroid function are common and can be successfully treated with a proper diagnosis.

When our Body Talks...
Gespür für den eigenen Körper, Selbstwahrnehmung


Every chronic illness has early warning signs that we too often ignore. Recognizing these signs is important. Some complaints that could point towards an imbalance are:


a sense of being unwell, having gone ‘off track’

feeling disconnected with what is really important in life, loss of focus 

increased tiredness and exhaustion

finding it hard to motivate yourself, feeling as though everything is an effort 

recurrent headaches and other recurrent pains

feeling of restlessness or finding it difficult to relax

palpitations and feeling anxious easily

feeling as though something is stuck in your throat, difficulty breathing

changes in bowel habits, feeling nauseous or bloated

increased or decreased appetite

unspecific complaints such as dizziness, numbness, increased sweating

having difficulty falling asleep or sleeping through the night

low immune system with frequent coughs and colds

having difficulty keeping up with the tasks of everyday life and generally a low stress tolerance

Health Checks


In the context of prevention, I offer various physical examinations and check-ups with comprehensive consultations. All of my health checks are followed by a detailed and personalised health plan with recommendations on how you can improve your health and optimise your well-being. 


General Health Check

This includes a review of your medical history, a full physical examination and the broad spectrum of Western medical diagnostic tests

TCM Health Check

Dietary and life-style consultation according to the holistic principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Immune Check

Physical examination, ultrasound examination, blood test and consultation to prevent any inflammatory and harmful processes developing in the body


Hormone Health Check

A consultation, diagnostic testing and treatment with bioidentical hormones for a balanced hormonal system (including stress-hormones) focussing on the function of the thyroid, adrenal and sex glands

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